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We all know that as we get a little bit older, it gets increasingly more important to invest in our future selves and that strength training can make a huge difference to how our body copes with the aging process. We also all live in the real world and realise that heading off for a workout may not always be high up on the agenda if motivation is running a little low. There’s always a convenient excuse at hand and prioritising your own self is usually quite a long way down the ‘must-do’ list – often nestled quietly between the supermarket run and the task of writing an eviction notice for the nest of pantry moths that have decided to settle in.

Here at PERFIT, it’s not just about exercising for the sake of it. We understand the tangible benefits that Social Exercise can bring; we have seen the results firsthand and more importantly we understand what works and what doesn’t.

Not convinced? Here’s why.

Friends bring benefits

Group exercise is the perfect way to catch up with old friends, as well as the ideal way to meet some new ones. Working out in a group setting generates a higher level of endorphins than simply exercising alone – which is proof enough that it is actually physically beneficial for you to train in a group environment. Social exercise does exactly what it says: it provides opportunities to interact with new people, share ideas, workshop problems, and get fit along the way. Break out of the everyday constraints and meet others that share your outlook and goals – and know that conversation and laughter in a supportive community are key contributors to your strength and fitness targets.

Social accountability

When exercise is an enjoyable experience, you are far more likely to stick with your schedule than not. Those PERFIT training appointments in your calendar will become firm weekly fixtures because the attraction of exercising amongst a supportive environment and not wanting to let the group down, are the incentives we sometimes need to make that firm commitment to our own health and welfare. Even on those days when training is the last thing on your mind, know that you will always find an emotional support at PERFIT – no matter your state of mind. By being accountable to yourself and your goals, Social Exercise is one habit you will not need to kick.

Mental health

It is a well-known fact that regular exercise has many positive effects on our mind and body and is key to reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. It can also help with establishing improved sleep patterns, more effective cognitive abilities and razor sharp memory functions. All that blood rushing around gets pumped up into our brains helping to enhance our clarity of thought and perception. Combine all these benefits with a social aspect and the results are virtually doubled. Social connections and interactions with the world are key to retaining

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