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Sandy Bailey

Meet Sandy, PERFIT People Profile number 2.


How long have you been coming along to PERFIT training?

About 2 1/2 years.

What do you get up to outside of the PERFIT world?

I am presently going back and studying Allied Health which is a total career change from
Architecture/Project Management. I also manage our family investments, social secretary/cook/wedding planner/counsellor /travel agent/house maintenance/gardener- alias wife and mother of two daughters. In my spare time I love to do x3 fitnesses trainings a week which include either walking, running, yoga and PERFIT.

What do you enjoy about training?

The regular commitment of getting exercise which is targeted to both body toning and fitness. A bonus is the lovely ladies I train with on Fridays, not to mention our amazing Caroline who always has a new routine ready for us and hilarious stories to keep us going. The encouragement and sharing of our week’s events is therapy.

What inspires you to train each week?

The dream of having a toned body and how good I feel AFTER a training session.

Do you have any specific goals?

To be able to keep up one day with Jacquie!

How has it affected your everyday life?

Inspires me to keep up my fitness during the week.

What would you say to someone else considering Group Training?

Just make the time and do it!


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