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Jane McKie

Meet Jane, PERFIT People Profile number 8. Find out what makes PERFIT perfect for her and what drives her to train each week.

How long have you been coming along to PERFIT training?

I’ve been a PERFIT regular for almost 3 years now. That’s scary – I had to check my inbox for the first email Caroline ever sent me. Time has literally flown by. Going to training now feels like going to visit my crazy second family!

What do you get up to outside of the PERFIT world?

Life has shifted gear and focus as my little family has suddenly grown up, making way for more free (me!) time. I go road biking, running, do Bikram yoga, walk my two dogs, even try playing the odd bit of tennis. I love snowboarding and hiking, too. Travel is a big passion – that backpacker spirit will never fade! Workwise, I’ve worn many caps – magazine and online editor, writer, PR & Communications person and high school Spanish teacher, to name a few.

What do you enjoy about training?

The challenge of pushing yourself to do something you absolutely know you wouldn’t do, left to your own devices. I LOVE the endorphin buzz post-workout that results in a happy, positive frame of mind that makes you feel you can take on the world. And, of course, the PERFIT girls. They’re a funny, down-to-earth bunch – we work hard but having a giggle is just as important.

What inspires you to train each week?

More like who… Caroline. She is a tiny dynamo, a powerhouse who somehow manages to push us without being pushy and motivate without being ‘cheerleadery’.

Do you have any specific goals?

Hmm, shedding those annoying kilos that used to disappear after a week on a low carb diet, has unfortunately become more of a focus as I get older. More generally, to simply stay fit and strong. It is really good to have a specific goal though. I try to have two or three events a year, however big or small, that I’m aiming for, as it works wonders for motivation.

How has it affected your everyday life?

It has given a consistency to how I exercise. Everyone has days when they don’t feel motivated but on those occasions, knowing that the classes are happening, inspires me to lug my reluctant bones down to the oval. Also, I think many of us, wouldn’t incorporate strength training and weights into unsupervised exercise, so I really appreciate the upper body workout a PERFIT session provides.

What would you say to someone else considering Group Training?

Even if you think you’re a solo exerciser, I’d 100% recommend trying Group Training. The results and sheer pleasure to be gained from sweating your butt off in the fresh air at a beautiful Sydney location with a group of other, like-minded women is definitely NOT to be missed.


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