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Karen Wiles

Meet Karen, PERFIT People Profile number 4. Find out what makes PERFIT perfect for her and what drives her to train each week.


How long have you been coming along to PERFIT training?

I have been coming to PERFIT for around 2 years.

What do you get up to outside of the PERFIT world?

Outside the PERFIT world I work part time at a school, in terms of exercise I walk everyday and try and get a game of tennis in every few weeks.

What do you enjoy about training?

The reason I enjoy PERFIT’s training sessions so much are because having attended various Group Training sessions over the years, PERFIT is better for me as I feel I can ask to alter certain exercises due to current injuries, but still feel inclusive in the workout. Caroline will always ensure we have the correct form when performing an exercise and keeps us entertained with great titbits and funny stories.

What inspires you to train each week?

What keeps me coming to PERFIT – as well as trying to keep trim at nearly 50…. it’s the social side too, I have met such fabulous women in the last 2 years who I am now fortunate to call my friends…

Do you have any specific goals?

My goal has been to obviously stay fit but more importantly build a stronger body, so I have less injuries.

How has it affected your everyday life?

I actually really look forward to my 2 PERFIT sessions each week – they keep me sane!!!

What would you say to someone else considering Group Training?

To anybody wanting to join, come along the ladies are very inclusive and Caroline will take great care of you.


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