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After a hectic silly season, it was time for the PERFIT crew to set some personal goals. It was decided that February was to be the month to focus on breaking a habit or starting a new one!

No matter how big or small everyone was encouraged to choose a goal to focus on their health and well-being and at the same time raise money for the important work of ‘McAuley Community Services for Women’. All money raised would go to support women and their children to be safe from family violence.

Ideas bantered around included, giving up alcohol, sugar and caffeine. Others focused on healthy eating and setting up a weekly schedule to exercise more. Trying something new, such as pilates or yoga or learning to meditate, was also popular. The dark horse however was giving up swearing and those partaking in this particular goal were closely watched at training sessions for adherence! Ha.

For every client who participated and achieved their goal, on their behalf PERFIT donated $25 (one training session) – which was happily matched by the participant. For those who didn’t achieve their goal, they had to donate a training session from their PERFIT group pass.

At the end of February there were a lot of smiling faces with goals achieved and if not a happy concession that the extra money donated was for an incredibly important and worthwhile cause!

Cheers to us! X


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